Microsoft Partner Network

The Agileist is proud to announce that as of July 2015 we are part of a community of 640,000 partners worldwide. These partners comprise what is known as the Microsoft Partner Network and they help Microsoft’s 160 million customers worldwide realize their full business potential. These network partners are IT experts who deliver innovative, proven solutions that are built on Microsoft technologies that support and personalize your business to give you the competitive advantage you deserve. The Agileist is committed to helping you create the vision you’re after – not just with software but with training, consultancy, and end-to-end support.

By choosing The Agileist you’ll be assured that we are a recognized Microsoft partner that has access to in-depth support from Microsoft which enables us to help businesses of all sizes meet their unique software challenges using the most current technology. Having MPN certification means having a deeper understanding of business processes, the infrastructure of a variety of business types, and the competency to choose the best growth strategies for your individual business needs.